Brady Lion (Ships April 2018)


Brady Lion is a soft, fully magnetic lion plush with a silky soft mane, mustard yellow minky fur, and sueded paws. Each of his 6 parts can be fully rotated 360 degrees, pulled apart from each other, and combined with all other Animoodles.

Brady Lion is a brave vegetarian who grows his very own fruits and vegetables on Mellow Farm.

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  • 7.5" tall when seated
  • Composed of 6 magnetic plush parts: head, torso, 2 arms, and 2 legs
  • Can be posed and rotated 360 degrees
  • Strong neodymium magnets are safely hidden inside patent-pending safety pockets
  • Easy enough for children ages 3+ to pull apart, but strong enough for playtime and cuddles without coming apart
  • Surface clean
  • Compatible with all other Animoodles
  • Comes inside Wild Jungle themed habitat box
  • Includes Brady Lion character card
  • Character #4 out of 6 Animoodles characters

Suitable for children ages 3+. Keep away from children under 3, dogs, and animals.