Origin Story

Long ago, a supervolcano named Mount Moody got angry and erupted. This transformed all the animals into Animoodles, creatures with swappable parts!

Iris Unicorn is from the Isle of Mythos, where magic fills every corner. But one day, Iris Unicorn flew too closely to Mount Moody when it was erupting. She tumbled down into the faraway Wild Jungle, where Randy Orangutan, Hazel Sloth, Miguel Frog, and Brady Lion live.


After the tumble, power disappeared from Iris Unicorn's way-finding horn, so now she is lost. Luckily the Wild Jungle Animoodles join Iris Unicorn's epic quest to find her beloved and mystical home on the Isle of Mythos!

How will they use their own unique strengths to work together and find their way? Which lands will they travel through next, and what new undiscovered Animoodles might they meet?


By ordering Animoodles now, you'll join the journey at the very beginning of the unfolding story. You'll get the very first Animoodles, which won't all be around forever...