About Animoodles

How Animoodles Work

Animoodles are lovable building toys that are endless fun for kids (and grown ups) ages 3 & up. They are the creation of veteran artists and designers from Apple, Disney, and Pixar.

Animoodles enable kids to see themselves as little makers, and to understand the value of our differences -- how our unique parts can come together to make something amazing!




Animoodles all share the same hidden magic inside--neodymium rare earth magnets! These magnets are both stronger and harder to be demagnetized than other magnet types, such as common refrigerator magnets.

Engineers from NASA, Tesla, and Apple helped us design the strong magnets inside Animoodles! Hidden safely inside double-sewn patent-pending enclosures are 6 magnetic connection joints within each Animoodle at the legs, arms, head, and upper back. Each Animoodle has a total of 11 magnets inside.

Every Animoodles joint has a magnetic pull force of over 5 lbs., which is not too strong for a 3 year old to pull apart, yet strong enough to hold Animoodles together without easily falling apart! The strength of the magnets inside Animoodles is what enables the satisfying snap you hear every time you put two Animoodles parts together. It's how you know the magnets work!

This means Iris Unicorn can stand up right (like a human) or walk on all fours (like a horse).

All parts are rotatable 360 degrees, so you can pose Animoodles any way you want. You can make Randy Orangutan wave or Miguel Frog twist his head curiously to the side.

All Animoodles parts are fully interchangeable, so you can make your own creations. The more Animoodles you have, the more creative possibilities you can make. You can mix up all the parts of Hazel Sloth OR mix and match her parts with Iris Unicorn to make a Slothicorn!

There's also an extra magnet on every Animoodle's back, so you can switch them from sitting to standing position! No other stuffed animals can do this!

But, are Animoodles soft? Oh, you betcha. No cold, hard building toy parts here. Animoodles' magnetic joints are well hidden, so you're still left with a warm, cuddly soft friend. All the way from the outside in, they're made of the softest, fur, fluff, and filling materials to make them perfect for hugs and cuddles. Finally, a lovable building toy!


Origin Story

Long ago, a supervolcano named Mount Moody got angry and erupted. This transformed all the animals into Animoodles, creatures with swappable parts!

Iris Unicorn is from the Isle of Mythos, where magic fills every corner. But one day, Iris Unicorn flew too closely to Mount Moody when it was erupting. She tumbled down into the faraway Wild Jungle, where Randy Orangutan, Hazel Sloth, Miguel Frog, and Brady Lion live.


After the tumble, power disappeared from Iris Unicorn's way-finding horn, so now she is lost. Luckily the Wild Jungle Animoodles join Iris Unicorn's epic quest to find her beloved and mystical home on the Isle of Mythos!

How will they use their own unique strengths to work together and find their way? Which lands will they travel through next, and what new undiscovered Animoodles might they meet?

By ordering Animoodles now, you'll join the journey at the very beginning of the unfolding story. You'll get the very first Animoodles, which won't all be around forever...


About Us

Animoodles are the creation of veteran artists and designers from Apple, Disney, and Pixar.

Our mission is to make quality plush toys children loooooove, and to inspire the next generation of compassionate little makers around the world. We believe in corporate giving, and raised thousands of dollars to donate to the African Wildlife Foundation within weeks of our launch - thanks to the immensely popular limited edition Sophie Elephant Animoodle.

We believe there's power in both building and bonding, creating and caring, making and relating. Stuffed animals have always played an important role in child development of social, emotional, and relational skills. But, until now, building sets have traditionally been better at developing spatial and problem-solving skills in kids. Animoodles combine the best of both worlds because we believe in the power of creation and compassion.

We hope to enable kids to see themselves as little makers, and to understand the value of our differences -- how our unique parts can come together to make something amazing.


Dan Holland and Marissa Louie, Co-Creators

We're both lifelong makers pursuing our personal passions with Animoodles. Dan Holland has designed some of the most beloved children's characters as a character artist and art director for top animated films including Toy Story 3, Inside Out, Wall-E, The Incredibles, Up, and Cars 2, and Marissa Louie has designed innovative websites and mobile apps for over 1 billion users as an interaction designer and art director at companies including Apple and Yahoo. Our life experiences, deeply rooted in art and imagination, helped create the world of Animoodles.

This is just the start of the stories we hope to tell and the characters we hope to create. In future collections, we will reveal new Animoodles that are compatible with the first 6 Animoodles. It all starts here and now.

Thanks for your support in making our dreams come true. Order Animoodles now to be one of the first people in the world to get Animoodles!