SHIPPING - How much does shipping cost for Animoodles?
We have partnered with a third party logistics firm to ship Animoodles and work hard to ensure they can be shipped to you at the lowest rates possible. For domestic shipping in the US (not including Hawaii and Alaska) we provide subsidizes shipping at the following rates:
  • 1 Animoodle: $8
  • 2 Animoodles: $10
  • 3 Animoodles: $12
  • 4 Animoodles: $14
  • 5+ Animoodles: Free Shipping
ORDERS - Why should I order now?
By ordering now, you’ll be one of the first in the world to get Animoodles. Iris Unicorn is only available for purchase right here on theanimoodles.com. Additionally, we can’t guarantee which Animoodles will be available later, so ordering now ensures that you snap up your favorites before they disappear.

ORDERS - When will I get my order?
Orders are typically shipped within 24 business hours of being made. Our warehouse is located in Southern California, and most orders to the West Coast will be received within 2-3 business days of being placed. Orders to the Midwest and East Coast may take one business week to arrive. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number once your order has been prepared to be shipped out of our warehouse.

ORDERS - Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We have partnered with a third party logistics firm to ship Animoodles worldwide, though shipping costs and time increase for international orders. 


PRODUCT - Are Animoodles soft?
Yes, they’re huggably soft and have a luxurious hand feel! There are no hard shells that line the inside, and their insides are mostly soft, fluffy stuffing - the same type commonly used in the highest quality stuffed animals. The only “hard part” on Animoodles are their small magnetic connection points (the largest is 1.5 inches x 0.3 inches), however when Animoodles are put together, they’re soft to touch everywhere.
CARE - How can I clean Animoodles?
To keep Animoodles in the best shape possible, wipe them with a damp cloth to clean. Animoodles should be surface cleaned only, and should not be immersed in water or liquids, or washed in washing machines.


SAFETY/MAGNETS - Are Animoodles safe for my kids & pets? What ages are they designed for?
Animoodles are intended for children ages 3+ but have been tested for and exceeded the appropriate ASTM F963 safety standards for children 0+. We’ve conducted initial safety testing, including a 15,000 cycle durability test that mimics 3 years of daily, aggressive play, with little to no wear and tear. Animoodles have highly secure, patent-pending double-sewn hidden magnet enclosures to ensure the magnet discs stay firmly in place. Each detachable plush part is also a substantial size with the smallest at 2.8 inches in length x 1 inch width; this is a full inch longer than required by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Animoodles are not a pet toy and should not be given to any pets or animals.

SAFETY/MAGNETS - Are Animoodles safe for my electronics?
We’ve personally played with Animoodles around our electronics with no harm whatsoever. Magnets are surprisingly found in many common household items--like your microwave, garbage disposal, refrigerator, blender, hair dryers, speakers, computers, & more. However, we do recommend exercising caution around electronics in general.

SAFETY/MAGNETS - What are rare earth neodymium magnets? How strong are they?
Rare earth magnets are some of the world’s strongest magnets. Neodymium magnets are a specific type of rare earth magnet, much stronger than typical refrigerator magnets. They are strong enough so that Animoodles stay together when assembled, yet are easy enough for kids 3 & older can pull them apart. Neodymium magnets are commonly used in household goods like cordless tools, headphones, speakers, hard disk drives, jewelry clasps, etc. Our magnets are disc shaped and highly secured inside double sewn-enclosures within the plush parts of each Animoodles. There are 11 total rare earth neodymium magnets inside each assembled Animoodle.


SOPHIE ELEPHANT - When will Sophie Elephant be available for purchase?
We have ended pre-order purchases for Sophie Elephant. We plan to re-open sales of Sophie Elephant here on theanimoodles.com in mid-2018. 100% of the profits from the sale of Sophie Elephant will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.


CONTACT - How can I contact with you with feedback, general inquiries, or ideas?
You can email us at team@theanimoodles.com. We’d love to hear from you!


If you're interested in selling Animoodles at your toy store, gift store, retail shop or other distribution opportunities, please drop us a line at sales@portolaplush.com.