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How the big idea happened 3 years ago

How the big idea happened 3 years ago

Today, January 24, 2018, marks 3 years since my husband Corey Reese and I first came up with the idea for Animoodles.

So, how did the big idea happen?

For weeks, I had been agonizing over what the next great plush invention for kids could be. I sketched dozens of ideas in my notebook, but nothing was good enough.

So we took a weekend off and decided to go to the California coast. We spent seven hours hiking the trails of Big Sur, California, taking in the beautiful oceanside scenery.

The majestic nature put us in a peaceful state of mind.

After we hiked all day, we went to dinner at Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn. At a table near the open kitchen, Corey and I brainstormed about ideas. 

I figured that every idea was worthy of being mentioned during our conversation, because a bad idea could help lead to a good idea. After a few rounds of spouting out ideas, and seeing the chefs plate the dinner entrees, I started to visualize plush parts moving around and being interchangeable. Kind of like how chefs arrange food on plates in an artistic way.

So I said, "What if you could take the parts off, move them around, and switch them with each other?"

Completing my train of thought, Corey exclaimed, "Magnets! You should use magnets!"

We both knew that, at that moment, we had something worth exploring. Over the course of the next few years, we would develop this fragile seed of an idea into what we now know as Animoodles - mix and make magnetic plushies.


Here's a recap of what we did:

1/ Give yourself a break

2/ Change your scenery

3/ No idea is a bad idea!

4/ Ideas are fragile, so help them grow from a seed of an idea into a blossom.


Once you think you have an idea worth pursuing, don't let it go!




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